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Smarter by Design – Creating Intuitive Homes


After being in the industrial and commercial automation sector for over 25 years, it was apparent that the home automation market in Australia was expanding rapidly. Although the principles of automation is the same in industrial and residential installations, it was not cost effective to implement a complete automation system in homes …. until now!

Smarter by Design was created with the vision to provide cost effective home automation systems in private homes.  We believe home automation should be within the reach of all home owners. Using our automation experience, we work with home owners to create their ideal smart home, within their budget.

The most modern houses using the latest technology, built today, will be outdated in a few years’ time. For that reason, it was important for us to provide a solution that will be able to keep up with technology. We looked for systems that, not only can be implemented at the build stage of new homes, but can also be retro-fitted into existing homes. If your home was built without any smart devices in mind, you shouldn’t have to move to have a smart home.

It was also very important to us that we do not lock our customers into a single proprietary system that doesn’t allow integration with other systems. We live in a global world and we want to take advantage of the advances made with home automation by ALL home automation companies located all over the world. We allow you to start small, but dream big when it comes to giving you a smart home. A smart home should be an extension of yourself. It should know your preferences and react automatically, so you can enjoy your home.

We are all about Creating Intuitive Homes, cost effectively. We are Smarter by Design.