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MyLights - Smart LED Lighting System

Featuring the latest home automation technology, MyLights from Advantage Air in Brisbane is at your service even before you wake in the morning, until long after you retire for the night.

Instead of using a noisy alarm clock, MyLights can ease you into the day by gradually increasing light levels so you can rise and shine.

And at the end of the day, you can curl up with a good book until sleep beckons – and then turn off the lights without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

Things that go bump in the night? Turn on MyLights from your mobile device to frighten away potential intruders – or simply to reveal that it was just next door’s cat on the prowl again!

Even when you are away on holidays, you can rest secure in the knowledge that My Lights gives the illusion of your home being occupied, even when it’s not.

Take a look at the video below to learn how MyLights can help make your life a little easier.

The Possibilities of MyLights Home Automation

Whether you are about to build, or wanting to incorporate My Lights into your current home, just think of the possibilities:

  • Forget night lights for the kids – you can program My Lights to keep the monsters away.
  • The MyWelcome feature makes fiddling with keys in the dark a thing of the past.
  • No more working at your computer, only to turn around and realize you are sitting in darkness as night has fallen. MyLights can turn the lights on when the sun sets!
  • Running late? Use MyGoodbye on your mobile device to turn out the lights, even after you’ve left home.
  • Ditch the alarm clock! The MyTime feature allows you to wake up gently by slowly turning ON the lights in your room.
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MyLights Cost and Energy Savings

My Lights is designed to be used with energy and cost efficient LEDs, however it can also control most 240v lights, so you don’t have to sacrifice design for convenience.

There are several advantages to using LEDs with My Lights:

  • Long life – LEDs last around 50 000 operating hours.
  • Ambience – You can adjust the brightness to set the mood, for example, dimming the lights while watching a movie.
  • Keep it cool – Unlike halogen downlights, LEDs don’t emit heat.
  • Cost savings – LEDs are also up to 80% more efficient to run than halogen downlights.
  • Energy efficient – Although MyLights are already great at energy saving, with the MyEco setting you can reduce your home’s energy consumption even more.

With Smarter by Design and MyLights your new home or renovation can be energy efficient and smart. Do not compromise, ask us about MyLights for your next project in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast. Find out how easy home automation can be with MyLights, in this instructional video.

At Smarter by Design Brisbane, we provide smart home solutions that are equipped to handle the latest technology, well into the future.

Contact us today about how you can make your home Smarter by Design, with My Lights by Advantage Air.

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