Creating Intuitive Homes


At Smarter By Design, we can create a customised smart home that perfectly complements your family’s needs. Homes from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast will benefit from the home automation systems and devices we supply.

Here is a short overview of some of the home technology products we use.

Smart home gateway

An automation gateway allows you to monitor and control your smart home system from anywhere in the world using the internet. You can access your smart home gateway using a browser based graphic interface on your PC, laptop and tablet or by using an app on your smartphone.

The gateway allows all of your home automation devices to communicate with one another. For example, your automated lighting controls, home energy management system, HAVC control, home security, home theater, window sensors and door locks and intercom can all communicate using the gateway, giving you complete control of your home in Brisbane or anywhere in the world.

Home automation remote

With a key fob, one touch button or an easy swipe gesture controller, you have smart home technology at your fingertips. Turn on the lights with your key fob, call the police with the one touch button and turn off the TV and home theater with a single hand gesture. Your options are endless!

Smart home garage door and gate controllers

There are lots of different options available for your garage door and automatic gate to be integrated in your home automation system.

Irrigation Controllers

Create a schedule of watering times and have a completely hands-off automated irrigation system in your home. Irrigation controllers can be fully integrated into your home automation system. Use a weather station to control your irrigation so you don’t waste water.

Window and Blind Controllers

These are ideal for windows that are too high to reach, as well as automating the opening and closing of your internal and external window coverings such as curtains, roller blinds and Venetian blinds. Window controllers can easily be integrated into your home energy management system and weather station to open and close windows and window coverings depending on the weather.

Switching devices for automatic light control

There are various options for light and appliance control in your smart home. Dimmers, switches, motion detectors and door switches are all devices that can be used to automate your lights without having to lift a finger. Set scenes to create that perfect atmosphere for dinners parties or movie nights.

Home automation sensors

Our customised smart home technology systems include a range of different sensors that you can access remotely to maximise your safety and comfort at home. Motion sensors, door & window sensors, a weather station, smoke detectors and water sensors can all be used to automate your home and activate alarms or notifications.

Electronic door locks

Ramp up the security of your home using one of our Z-wave compatible locks.  Replace your existing door locks with a Z-enabled encryption deadbolt that offers heightened automated home security in Brisbane and surrounds. Use a standard key or opt for maximum security with a wireless and key-less locking solution.

All of our locking devices can be easily integrated into your automated home technology systems. This means that you can lock and unlock any of your doors at the touch of a button, a simple hand gesture or even remotely – at any time, day or night. You can even answer the door using smart phone intercoms for added security when you are not at home.

Smart home technology accessories

Our integrated home automation accessories include push button light switches with or without LED illumination.

Security & Intercom smart home technology

Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor IP cameras, sirens, strobes and active infrared sensors to design your own auto home security system. You can even install a home intercom system for added security and all home security devices can be fully integrated with your home automation system in Brisbane.


To design your perfect home automation system in Brisbane, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, call us on 07 3466 1050 or complete our online enquiry form.