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Home Automation Solutions for Builders

A few years ago in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, a home automation system was occasionally added to established homes, but builders rarely needed to worry about incorporating this type of technology into new builds. Now however, with smart home technology and home energy management becoming key features in residential home construction, builders need to become more proactive.

3 Benefits of home automation packages

Attract new buyers: Offering your clients a range of home automation systems in Brisbane or a customised smart home solution, tailored specifically to their needs, helps to attract a different type of buyer. With Australian home owners starting to think of automated home technology as a necessity rather than a luxury, builders who include a home communication system, automated air conditioning or auto home security solution in their new build packages for example, can attract a new type of buyer who might otherwise look elsewhere.

Avoid re-wiring: Offering a home automation system to your clients in Brisbane means that you don’t have to back track and retro-fit new wiring during the build. Discussing smart home automation during the design phase and having a range of pre-specified packages available to show your clients is also an excellent way to boost your reputation and your client base.

Beat the competition: With smart home technology becoming cheaper every day, more and more home owners are using some form of home automation. For example, home theater and multi-media solutions, home security and automated lighting controls, can all be integrated within a computerised home. It’s clear that builders who offer smart home technology to their customers are way ahead of the competition.

Home automation packages with Smarter By Design

Smarter By Design will create a selection of home automation systems for North Lakes and Brisbane home owners, so that your clients have a range of smart technology options. We can also create customised solutions tailored to specific clients.

To find out more about partnering with Smarter By Design in North Lakes or Brisbane, call us on 07 3466 1050 or complete our online enquiry form.