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Who we are

We are Smarter By Design, experts in innovative smart home solutions

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For centuries we, as a society, have been improving the way our homes suit our lifestyles while becoming more energy-efficient and practical. Home automation is the next step in that progressive journey. It is the future of how our homes can respond to our lifestyles and automatically make the adjustments required to suit our needs. That future is now here.

With features like far-from-home monitoring, automatic window and door locking, automated gardening, intercom control, home theatre management, appliance control, climate management, mood lighting and much more, the possibilities are endless.

We, at Smarter By Design, are all about providing customised smart home solutions so that Brisbane home owners can take advantage of these features and enjoy all the benefits of a smart home. We are not limited to one product or one brand or one budget. We work with multiple systems to provide the setup that best suits each application and need.


Smart homes are the future
and that future is now.

What we do

We provide customised smart home solutions tailored to your comfort, your needs and your budget

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Home automation takes mood lighting to a whole new level. Let your smart hub decide which lights to turn on, which light setting to activate and even what colour the lights should be to suit your every activity.

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With countless possibilities for lighting solutions available, you will never have to think about the lights again. They just happen! They come on when you need them and save energy when you don't.

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Multi-zone TV and Audio Systems mean freedom for everyone. With internal and external system capability, you can watch and listen to whatever you want, wherever you want it. Enjoy the ultimate theatre experience, at home.

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No one likes walking into a warm, stuffy home on a hot day or, worse, walking into a freezing home on a cold day. Smart climate control means that your home is set to the ideal temperature all year round.

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What's a smart home without smart gardening? Our home automation setup can integrate with your irrigation systems to keep your garden beautiful and lush even when you're on holidays.

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Gone are the days of manually winding up the shutters or maybe forgetting to do so before the evening summer sun turns your living room into a sauna. Smart window coverings are programmed to open and close whenever you want.

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Have you ever rushed to work and then wondered whether you turned all the appliances off or not? A smart home means peace of mind. You can monitor all of your appliances right from your phone app.

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With phones and tablets now moving to fingerprint and face recognition for unlocking, you can imagine how dated house keys are. Home automation systems give you the power to lock and unlock your doors in much more modern ways.

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Smart homes provide privacy and security. Monitor your home when you're away with cameras and smart intercom systems that alert you when someone is approaching your door and gives you various options straight from your phone.

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You can even take advantage of the smart tools available to control and monitor your swimming pool and spa. That includes lighting, cleaning, statistics and diagnostics.

How we do it

It has never been so affordable and so easy to have a smart home. Really, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Step 1 is ...
You get in touch with us and request a quote based on your needs and budget. We provide a consultation date.
Step 2 is ...
We meet up with you or work off a houseplan, whichever is more convenient for you, and propose the best option.
Step 3 is ...
Our team installs the home automation hub and the features you requested and integrates it with in-place systems.
Step 4 is ...
The home automation system is completely installed and tested before hand-over and hands-on training.
Step 5 is ...
You enjoy the comfort and innovation of your new smart home with after-sales support for your peace of mind.